How far are online vaginal suppositories helpful in relieving period pain?

Today, people seem to claim that cannabidiol or CBD will cure nearly any kind of bodily ailment or health concern that people are dealing with and so, they are using them for various purposes, like anxiety, period cramps, or simply to treat sunburn. Actually, some CBD companies do sell vaginal suppositories that are created with CBD and they aim to treat pain linked with menstrual cramps. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise that people are shifting their attention to CBD, which happens to be a legal compound which is available in hemp and marijuana for getting relief from painful periods.

This is a fact that there is confined research on the use of online CBD vaginal suppositories, yet it is popular as having pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory features. Still, some question whether inserting cannabidiol inside a woman’s vagina ends up causing more problems compared to what it solves.Whenever you insert anything into your vagina, you can invite some kinds of harm to your body. Based on the research done by the University of Guelph, females who do practice the use of vaginal gels, wipes, and washes become more prone to some kinds of vaginal infection. If you put it in other words, then it means putting foreign objects into a woman’s vagina can result in an undesired reaction.

Some unknown facts

Many times, females are forbidden to insert any kind of gels, creams, or formulas inside their vagina, even when they claim to be “gynecologist-tested” or “all-natural.” This is since anything is capable of changing the pH of a woman’s vagina, and so, according to the gynecologists, a woman should go for unscented and mild soaps around their genitals and they should also avert douching. However, the majority of the CBD suppositories are made entirely from coconut oil, and it is certainly not the worst thing which a woman can put in her vagina.

So, theoretically, they shouldn’t alter the pH as they happen to be neutral that does the job of emollients, so, act similar to a neutral film in comparison to causing unpleasant chemical interactions. So, assuming this fact that online CBD vaginal suppositories contain no hidden preservatives, stabilizers, or ingredients, a woman can continue with these compounds. A woman during her periods bleed and so, it becomes pretty natural for her vaginal pH to alter as women’s body during this time has been doing its thing plus flushing things out. Hence, it might not be especially problematic for your pH for using a suppository at the time of your period.