How Remote EMR Scribe Services Can Help You in Your Clinical Practice

Over the years, documentation requirements in clinical practice have grown by leaps and bounds. Despite the welcomed assistance of transcribers, numerous healthcare practitioners feel like they’re treating devices in lieu of patients. Are you also bogged down and feel the same?

Then, you need a separate class of helping hands – a remote emr scribe or a virtual medical scribe. Unlike transcribers, these professionals interpret healthcare conversations and evaluate relevant billing codes.

Want to know more about what virtual medical scribes have to offer? Keep reading.

  1. Cost Savings

If you’re a healthcare provider who cannot afford to hire an in-house medical scribe team or perhaps you don’t want to, the ideal would be opting for virtual medical scribe services.

These scribes can be with you wherever you go without actually being physically present. This helps to bring down any administrative expenses. Then there’s no need for office equipment or space. Finally, outsourcing such services means you get a skilled and trained professional, so there are no training expenses involved either.

Reduced Burnout

In this survey, over 15,000 healthcare practitioners spanning 29 specialties were surveyed. Nearly 55% agreed to feeling burnt out exclusively due to heavy paperwork!

If you can relate, take heart that you’re not alone. Simply by bringing a remote emr scribe into the mix, you need not stay late filing paperwork. The results? Proper work-life balance, greater freedom, and overall better focus on patient care and experience.

More Patients Attended

A virtual medical scribe can take up mundane tasks such as charting, reporting, data entry, etc., conventionally undertaken by physicians. Naturally, as you’re relieved of the strain of such tasks, you get more time with your patients.

Not only can you attend to more patients, but you can also give each of them undivided time and attention on a case-to-case basis. This helps strengthen relationships with them. Win-win, right?

No Intrusiveness

Unlike in-house scribes, virtual medical scribes do not need to be physically present in the room. All you require is a click of a button to connect with the HIPAA-compliant software for virtual scribing, and your remote scribe can easily hear everything that’s going on.

The scribe not being physically present in the room protects patient privacy and increases their confidence in you. Again, overall patient satisfaction and experience improve.

No Scheduling Issues

When you collaborate with a physical medical scribe on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis, each of your schedules must be synchronized with the other. For instance – if the scribe suddenly falls ill or is on vacation, you’ll be without a helping hand.

Given the nature of your work, this can cause much hindrance, especially if an urgent surgery comes along. A reliable virtual medical scribe company will offer consistency in services, so in case a scribe is unavailable, another one can fill in their place.

To a Clean “Bill” of Health!

From the note-takers for ER clinicians of the 1970s to the contemporary HIPAA-compliant remote scribers, the journey has been a long and alluring one indeed. When such advanced facilities are at your disposal, why hamper patient experience, your clinical practice, as well as personal health?

Contact a reliable EMR remote scribe service provider and discuss your requirements thoroughly. With a skilled virtual medical scribe by your side, you can relax and solely focus on doing what you do – treat patients and save lives!