How to Address Hearing Loss of Your Children

Do you know that about 1.9% children have partial or permanent hearing loss? If you compare boys and girls, hearing impairment is seen more among the boys than the girls. A study in the US has confirmed that every two to three out 1000 children are found with hearing loss with detectable level right from their birth. More than 90% of children get hearing loss in the case of deaf parents. If your children are suffering from hearing loss, do not hesitate to contact acouphene traitement for a quick and reliable ailment you may be looking for.

How to identify hearing impairment among children:

How do you notice and identify the hearing loss of your children is a potential challenge. As parents, you may be able to find out hearing impairment of your children when he or she does not respond to sounds. You can also suspect the hearing loss of your child in case of delay or difficulties of its talking. But often when children do not respond to sound or talking, the parents and even the doctors suspect hearing impairment which may not be true. Find out the reasons below the diagnosis sometimes goes wrong.

  • Some children ignore and do not respond to some people not because of their hearing impairment but they just ignore.
  • Some children hear and talk as usual at home but in school, they feel mild impairment due to background noise in the classroom.
  • However, if a child seems to be OK in one atmosphere but found mild impairment in another atmosphere must undergo a test to avoid hearing loss.

Reasons for hearing loss among children:

There are multiple reasons for children getting hearing impairment. It differs from child to child and situation from the situation. Find a few reasons below why and how children get hearing loss.

  • Some children get hearing loss genetically from their parents. In other words, children’s hearing impairment is because of genetic defects.
  • Children may develop hearing impairment if they are growing under high noise pollution atmosphere.
  • Often children fall victims to hearing loss due to wrong medication or as part of the effects of hazardous medicines.
  • Wax is commonly a reason for hearing impairment among children.

If you find the above symptoms among children and suspect hearing impairment in your child, you must immediately go for a diagnosis and ensure the hearing status of the child. Delay in addressing the hearing impairment is dangerous as far as hearing loss is concerned for your child.