The Duration It Takes for Alcohol To Work On Your Body?

Liquor enters your bloodstream as soon as you take the first sip and the effect starts to kick in within 10 minutes. However, the effects of liquor depend on:

  • What you drink
  • How you drink
  • If you are consuming liquor without eating
  • Your gender
  • Your bodyweight

Individuals who drink uncontrollably and regularly for a longer period start having health and mental issues and after a certain stage look for ways to quit drinking.

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What and how do you drink?

A beverage with 20% liquor content will increase your blood alcohol level (BAC) and gets absorbed more quickly than beer, which has much less content and vodka which has 40% content. The absorption is faster if you consume it on an empty stomach.

The way you drink does matter. When you chug a drink, your body will absorb the alcohol much more quickly. Taking sips allows the effect to appear more slowly.

Empty stomach

Liquor enters your blood much faster when you drink on an empty stomach. However, it doesn’t enter your small intestine too quickly if you have food in your stomach.

Gender and weight

Females have less body water than males and higher body fat, which causes liquor in their blood level to be higher. Moreover, the more you weigh, the lower the BAC.

Having liquor occasionally does not harm only if you drink within the limit, avoid standing while drinking, avoid drinking on an empty stomach, and take sips rather than take large gulps.