Everyone in the alcoholic’s immediate vicinity feels the effects of the alcoholic’s drinking. Relationship problems and broken trust are two of the many negative outcomes of alcoholism. The alcoholic’s loved ones may begin to doubt everything they hear. Addiction may certainly lead to deceit. What makes Soberlink stand out from other alcohol monitoring devices is that it involves loved ones in the recovery process as well. Those concerned about the alcoholic’s sobriety may sign up to get regular email updates on the alcoholic’s progress. 

Regular email updates may be sent to the alcoholic’s loved ones, letting them know whether the alcoholic has relapsed. If the alcoholic’s BAC is positive, the records will reveal how often they’ve been utilizing the gadget. Friends and relatives can trust the findings since the gadget has both tamper detection hardware and face recognition software. In addition to restoring confidence, Soberlink gives authorized contacts peace of mind. It’s possible that the reports may be utilized in family counseling.

Law enforcement’s use of SOBERLINK

Soberlink alcohol monitoring benefits extend beyond the realm of family law. It has also been utilized in certain situations involving people on probation. People who have been drinking or using drugs commit a significant number of crimes. Alcohol use is associated with unpredictable behavior and increased risk-taking. This may cause people to make some really poor choices at times. With the support of Soberlink, many convicted criminals are being released on probation in exchange for their solemn vow to abstain from alcohol and drugs.

The Soberlink 2 is a portable alcohol detector. Additionally to determining blood alcohol content, it also photographs and geotags the individual. The data is sent to a central hub for further analysis instantly. Those who can’t abstain from alcohol risk going back to prison, while those who do get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. People who are accused of a crime may benefit from this tool, and the government can save money in the process. Probation services in Jefferson County, who are presently using this tool, claim that the county saves close to $100 for every day an offender is not incarcerated. There are currently 6 devices in operation in Jefferson County. But the huge popularity of the Soberlink 2 means that it will almost certainly receive more.

Utilization of Soberlink at Work

Soberlink also offers a Workplace Compliance Program to assist with providing evidence of sobriety in the workplace. Soberlink is a system that businesses may join up for to conduct random tests on their staff. Many major airlines and physician health programs are now collaborating with Soberlink to implement sobriety requirements for their employees in safety-sensitive positions. If the stakes are significant, the corporation must insist that everyone accept responsibility for their actions.