Cannabis Growing Process: Ground Vs. Pots

Over a few years, a large section of Americans has started cultivating cannabis. Of course, when the laws say that the citizens are allowed to grow, they should take advantage of it. 

But when planning a cannabis garden, many growers come across this question: grounds or pots: Which one will be better for the plant?

We are stressing both categories in this blog, so it would be a lot easier for you all. As per a news website, it is believed that the root system in marijuana plants is much deeper and more robust in these plants. 

In addition, ground-growing plants have a higher yield as they produce more buds. Growing outdoors also puts the plant into direct contact with nature. It gets fresh air, sunlight, micro-rich soil, and many other things. Isn’t that interesting? 

The best thing would be to learn the advantages of growing both in pots and ground. With that, our new growers can learn in which way they should nurture plants. 

Having an understanding of both methods will give you a chance to produce outstanding results. Let’s dive into the topics which will help you in growing cannabis. 

Cultivating Cannabis In The Ground


Growing the plant directly in the earth or ground soil is a suitable and the purest way of cultivation. Some prefer to sow the seeds on the ground. They rely entirely on nature to take over the course. 

Some growers prefer transplanting healthy seedlings and go for a hands-on approach. Irrespective of what your strategy is, cultivating plants in the ground gives fantastic results. 

Here roots can stretch as they want, and local microbes can work mutually beneficial with the crop. 

Before deciding what to do, let’s understand the merits of growing cannabis on the ground. 


Indigenous Microorganisms 

Healthy soil is a vibrant soil food web. A diverse network of organisms preys on different species while serving prey to others. Remember that this energy flow begins at the macroscopic level and goes down to bacteria and invisible fungi. 

If you have a good garden with healthy soil, take advantage of healthy indigenous microorganisms. But in pots, growers have to spend dollars on providing the required fungi and bacteria. 

But when you are sowing plants directly to the ground, things become easier for you as all resources are already present.

Lesser Tools Reduces The Cost 

Cultivating the plants directly in the ground needs slightly less gear. In this, there is no need to invest in pots or containers. Also, it is not going to stain your house, which is a significant parameter. 

Even though the cost of basic pots is not much, sowing the seeds in the ground will eliminate these unnecessary expenses. 

Good Quality Soil 

Before transporting seedlings, you must look at the growing location of the soil. Check out if there is any space where there is rich and dark soil. If you get clay soil, it acts as a lottery. 

Well, you need to add some organic matter on the clay soil to create a cannabis-friendly soil structure. It makes a high nutrient content that will help the plant to grow. 

Cultivating Cannabis In Pots


Growing in pots provides growers more control and convenience. They can have limited growth and keep plants inside in extreme circumstances. Several reasons are there to grow the seedlings at home, and they are: 


Will there be a hurricane or a heatwave? Don’t worry! Pick up the pots, and you can move them to safe locations. In extreme weather conditions, growers have the chance to keep all their plants at home. 

It has been possible because they have planted them in pots. In that way, your plants will be safe. 

Controlling The Plant’s Size

Depending on the size of the plant, you can decide which pot to purchase. The bigger pots you have, the larger the plants can grow. Certain species are there that might need the largest contained while others need small. Hence, you have to be careful in finding which type of product you are growing. 

Picking The Pot 

While shopping for pots, you will come across a lot of options. Using different materials, the pots are made, and you can choose any one of your choices. 

Pick the plastic ones first to advance them to fabric pots that will increase the moisture retention and aeration of the growing medium. 

In addition, air pots are a suitable way to keep the roots of plants in healthy condition.

These vessels come with small holes that prevent roots from circulating. They also encourage the formation of a healthy root mass. 

Master Your Medium 

Why do you have to waste time checking what kind of soil you have in the garden? Load the pots with the suitable substrate of your choice. In that way, you can develop healthy plants, which was your objective. 

Disadvantages Of Both Methods


Understanding the advantages is not sufficient as you should be aware of the disadvantages as well. It will give all an idea of setbacks you can experience on both methods. 

Knowing that will prepare growers for the situation depending on the process they are choosing to grow. 

Cultivating In Soil: Demerits


Low-Quality Soil 

Not all growers are lucky to have nutrient-rich soil in their home gardens. Many might have silty soil, sandy soil, chalky soil, or other things. Having poor-quality soil in the garden will not be favorable for cannabis plants. 

In this situation, you have to start adding organic matter to enhance the nutritional content. 

Spend Some Money To Improve The Soil 

Correcting the soil takes some time, and investing in raised beds can help get the right quality of the earth. But it comes with a relatively higher price, and you should be ready to invest that amount. 

To grow cannabis outdoors, you must check some valuable resources. 

Bad Weather 

While living in a region that receives the heaviest rainfall, getting your garden waterlogged one day is obvious. Pots have the efficiency in draining excess water, which is impossible while growing in the ground. 

Also, severe waterlogging can lead to fungal diseases and deprive roots of getting sufficient air and nutrients. 

Excess Growth 

A few strains take advantage of the sheer amount of space present while growing in the ground. Even though some plants can provide excellent results, others can grow out of control. In this, you have to train your plant to grow in a controlled manner. 

Cultivating In Pots: Demerits 


Restricted Growth 

In pots, you have the advantage of controlling the plant size, but it is difficult to achieve a true Sativa gland. It has been seen that in the largest pots also, it was hard to fulfill the requirements. 

Growers wanting to push large strains won’t get benefits while growing in pots. 

High Maintenance 

Potted plants need more frequent care compared to partial subterranean counterparts. Here you have to feed and water the plant often to get the desired result. Also, checking the pH level is essential, and it should be from 6 to 7 for sufficient nutrient absorption. 

Try Out Both Solution


Go with both options if you have a home garden and are ready to invest in some pots. Give both processes sufficient time and see the results. 

With the most efficient method, you can start harvesting more plants. Stay tuned on to get a goldmine of information that enables you to cultivate bumper harvests!