Natural remedies to treat dengue

Over the last few years, dengue fever has gained widespread attention due to its fatalities increasing day by day. It should be treated with utmost priority as non-treatment of this disease may prove to be fatal. Due to low levels of platelets and leakage of blood plasma, the patient may die within a few days if the platelet count does not come to normal. Some over-the-counter medicines are also available to treat dengue fever which you can buy from any mail order pharmacy like 90daymeds. This pharmacy offers special discounts on medicines at extremely low prices. 

Home remedies to counter dengue fever

It is suggested by most doctors that hospitalization should be considered as the last resort. The dengue fever must be tackled at home by treating it with herbal home remedies. If the situation gets out of control, only then the option of hospitalization should be taken. The following home remedies may prove to be effective to treat this disease.

  • Drink basil leaves tea

Boil basil leaves in water till the point the water changes colour and makes it aromatic. This tea is highly effective to treat not only dengue fever but also other autoimmune diseases. The cinnamic acid and magnesium present in basil leaf tea will make your immune system strong and helps to fight against viruses and bacteria.

  • Papaya leaves juice

Even though papaya leaves juice is considered a controversial treatment around the world, it is still widely popular due to positive reviews shared by dengue victims who cured their dengue fever through this juice. Its complex nutrients help the platelet count to shift to normal range resulting in speedy recovery.

  • Drink plenty of fluids

Keep yourself hydrated in these conditions as dengue fever can drain the fluids from your body due to high fever and vomiting. Water maintains the electrolyte balance of the body and excretes toxic waste from the body due to fluids. 

  • Drink pomegranate juice

Pomegranate has various benefits including boosting blood platelet count. It reduces blood pressure and cholesterol level for people who have diabetes and obesity issues. 

  • Coriander leaves juice

Coriander leaves cure inflammation and bacterial infection and makes the antibodies stronger. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent which also takes the blood platelet count to the required level. The process of drinking coriander leaves juice is to make a paste by grinding them and adding them to water. Drinking this mixture twice a day will boost your energy.