Dr. Everest Foundation Joins Forces With Danny Trejo To Help Underserved Communities During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Everest Foundation was founded after the death of Edwin A.D Everest by his wife Bimla Everest and his son Dr. Michael Everest and daughter in law Agata Everest.  The foundation has an advisory board that consists of various leaders in medicine in various fields. This includes leaders from medicine, academia, and business. Dr. Michael Everest is an educator who taught students and leaders of graduate medical education about the need for a forward-thinking and innovative approach towards the medical field. He was able to come out with solutions and also predict trends to the looming threats. The foundation is based in Los Angeles, and its main aim is to try and change the medical field by incorporating various initiatives such as research graduate medical education and venture philanthropy. It is also committed to contributing millions of dollars towards research, supporting marginalized communities, and medical resident placement. The Everest Foundation continues to carry its tradition of care, compassion, and hope for the medical field.

The world today is facing a global pandemic which is the coronavirus.  The Everest Foundation has been on the frontline in the fight against this pandemic. The foundation has continued to donate millions of dollars to medical research. Dr. Michael Everest’s contribution has helped in increasing the testing capabilities during this crisis. Danny Trejo, a re-known actor in LA, has made several contributions. He was known as the Machete guy and had already succeeded in the hotel industry via his restaurant Trejo Tacos. 


As reports say, African Americans and Latinos who live in the inner-city poor are the main people vulnerable to the virus attack. Therefore Trejo took upon himself to give lunch boxes to them and other communities in south-central LA. This mission of Trejo reached Dr. Michael Everest, who then decided to join hands with Danny Trejo. This created an outreach program of a neighborhood whose host is at Kedren Community Health Center, which has paid attention since the virus outbreak to the problems of communities that are underserved.

Kedren health facility run by Rahn Bailey has been offering free COVID-19 testing as part of the commitment to help the marginalized population that is very vulnerable to the disease. This was due to the aid received from both Danny Trejo and Dr. Michael Everest. During this event, bibles and food were distributed to everyone in the neighborhood. Dr. Michael Everest stated that the reason behind this was to satisfy both the physical and religious needs of the population. The bible was given out to enhance people’s courage and keep their faith intact during hard times.


After the event, they also donated to the Kedren health center so that they can go on with the excellent work of helping the vulnerable community during the pandemic period. They were appreciated by the health center manager Dr. Rahn Bailey who praised the foundation for the support they gave to the center. He said it was a kind move, and the support will help the center financially cover expenses, but it will also help uplift the spirit of the employees and health care professionals who have been working tirelessly, putting their health on the frontline to save the world.


The Everest Foundation also praised the health care workers for their tremendous job. He said they are real heroes of the city and the entire world since they are doing much of the bulk work behind the scenes. He said that he fully appreciates their efforts even though they are not in the spotlight.  He also said that such events that honor the work of the medical practitioners are of great value.