Herbalife Nutrition’s Commitment to Fostering a Positive Work Environment

Herbalife Nutrition is one of the world’s premier nutrition companies, and it’s committed to providing wellness and health products and services to its vast customer base. Herbalife tailors its programs and products to cater to the customers’ nutritional requirements while also ensuring they meet the quality and safety standards. Millions of people across the world enjoy the company’s products every day. It offers employment opportunities to people all over the globe in HR, technology, product development, marketing, manufacturing, quality, and IT departments, among others. It currently has over 300 scientists with more than 50 holding PhDs.

Career Development

The company provides a foundation for any number of career paths. Many individuals start at Herbalife as an intern and move up to junior management, acquiring valuable skills and work experience along the way. Many of those who find their way into the company end up working there for several years, if not decades. For those people, Herbalife provides everything that someone would want in a job. Employees with the right experience and knowledge may even have jobs created for them.

Superior Workplace

Those who work at Herbalife get to contribute to a meaningful cause—helping people lead healthier and more active lives. They’re also able to contribute to community service opportunities. Both of these things contribute greatly to a positive workplace and employee retention. The company’s commitment to improving the lives of people across the world shows its excellent ethics. Third-party accolades, business assessments, and Herbalife reviews offer valuable insight into the workplace.

Forbes recently recognized Herbalife as one of the United States’ Top Employers for Women, signifying its commitment to inclusion and diversity. It was also on Forbes’ 2018 list of Best Midsize Employers in the United States, which substantiates its consistent advancement internationally and domestically. Although these awards portray the excellent work that happens in the company, employee testimonies give a more accurate picture.

Herbalife reviews on popular sites such as Indeed and Glassdoor exhibit a sense of satisfaction and camaraderie among its employees. It has a 4.2 out of 5 on Indeed, with varying sentiments regarding the workplace culture.

Service-Oriented Culture

Besides creating a successful corporate team, Herbalife contributes to community engagement by encouraging people to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Corporations with the capacity to help others stay healthy should champion for these goals. Herbalife Nutrition is doing its part by incorporating community service through events, service projects, and initiatives.

It also focuses on facilitating access to nutrition by manufacturing superior nutritional supplements and aiding underserved communities. Some of its corporate social responsibility programs include the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) and the Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, which intends to end global hunger through volunteering, product donations, international partnerships, awareness efforts, and nutrition education.

The HNF gives funding to hospitals, orphanages, schools, and many other institutions annually, providing resources and nourishment to needy communities all over the world. Both the HNF and Zero Hunger initiative aims to raise the quality of life in underserved communities and fragile groups.

Many of its employees share the company’s values of making a difference and giving back. Many employees participate in company-hosted blood drives in partnership with the American Red Cross, rally donations to support needy communities, and volunteer at partner events and the Casa Herbalife Nutrition programs.

Herbalife Nutrition cares about its employees, customers, distributors, and the community and strives to cultivate a conducive workplace.