Retinol while breastfeeding –Health, the best solution for infant’s growth

Well, pregnancy is an incredible moment in life and therefore it must be loved. In fact, pregnancy is an exciting time for all women. However, pregnancy is excessive- shadowed by troubled skin for many women. There is a belief that all pregnant women are “glowing “through their good health. But, the belief is quite accurate and a little misleading as well.

As we know, excess oil production and blood circulation are caused only by excess hormones and changes that occur in the body. Perhaps there is a glow around you, but the skin isn’t that good. Also, problems in the skin like acne, stretch marks, and thermal rashes, and darken melasma patches. Well, the retinol while breastfeeding nourishes the skin glows even during pregnancy. Yet, they are very harmful for infants. And, acne is a serious issue at the time of pregnancy and persists until breastfeeding. As a result, both retinol and acne are possibly transmitted to the baby from breast milk.

Even a small change in a mom’s body can be transmitted to the newborn child. Thus, newborns are more affected by drugs than babies of more than six months. So, it is highly important to use safe acne medicines and topical products while breastfeeding.

Things that needed to be avoided during pregnancy:

Vitamin A or Retinol:

Vitamin A or Retinol is an accelerating element performing various functions. Some of them are the division of cells; modify the cell functions and cause damage to cells. So, skin enhancement is not allowed at the time of pregnancy. Most of the doctors prefer retinol while pregnancy period. However, they also warn against the usage of topical vitamin A due to the lack of research. Also, doctors avoid oral acne drugs that are known to cause birth defects.

Prevention of retinol:

As we know, retinol is the best component to clear and nourish your skin. But, there are various conflicting views on topical retinol products while breastfeeding. Many physicians, however, suggest the prevention of retinol. Retinol while pregnancy causes some birth defects. Also, retinol causes harm for the infants in taking milk. On the contrary, retinol is absorbed by the skin and enters the bloodstream. And, after that, they finally end up in breast milk. Hence, there are other safe skin-cleansing options especially breastfeeding mothers. Some of the options include;

  • Incorporating non-comedogenic products.
  • Reduction of sugar consumption
  • Eating more fruit and vegetables


  • levels of tension

Healthy Benefits:

Safe consideration:

It is often said that melasma or varicose veins attack pregnant women right away. However, the skin will recover slowly and improve after the birth of a child. And, this makes no sense to think more about veins attack. Thus, sunscreen and protective clothing can be used to protect the skin against veins attack. Exercising gently is important wherever necessary. Also, every pregnant woman must be kind to their body.

Wearing loose garments:

Heat rashes may occur during pregnancy. So, the baby growing inside the womb gets the personal heater of the mother. Therefore, every pregnant woman must keep the skin cool. And, pregnant women must wear loose garments. This is because loose garments help to breathe and inhale freely. And, these loose garments prevent frequent itching.

So what is your answer for the question that can you use retinol while breastfeeding? The best advice is to not use any Vitamin A serums while pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because retinol affects babies especially newborns below six months.