How Anxiety Disorders Influences Drug Addiction

Numerous researches show that people suffering from anxiety disorders have higher chances of ending up with drug addiction. Data by National Institute of Drug Abuse approximates that people with anxiety disorder are twice likely to end up in drug abuse in comparison to those without. This research also lays down a number of reasons why anxiety disorder leads more people to abuse drugs.

Normally anxiety causes alteration in the brain increasing exposure to drug abuse. A gland in the brain known as amygdala causes hyperactivity. This then affects someone’s reasoning this impairing the ability to make sober decisions. As a way of boosting the brain some people end up taking brains to improve their reasoning ability.

Emotional distress

Emotional distress is emotional response arising from the effects of a past event or condition that was traumatic. Some signs of distress are anger outburst, unhealthy eating habits, loss of interest, hopelessness and avoidance. People who have gone through a traumatic experience tend to find short relief when they take alcohol or drugs.

Some of the easiest ways to overcome emotional distress is by relaxing, practising meditation  and try to focus your mind on something positive other than a negative issue.


Some people suffering from anxiety disorders may end up purchasing drugs for self-medication to some mental health challenges as a result of anxiety disorders. In the end they end up hooked up to substance abuse as a result of self-prescription.

The risk of self-medication is incorrect self-diagnosis, drug reaction and ultimately, risk of dependence and abuse

Worry and irritability

Anxiety disorder causes someone to have worry, agitation and restlessness. When an individual is not able to overcome worry, there are chances that they may end up in drinking to offer temporal relief to the feeling; this causes some of them to end up with alcohol addiction.

The long term effects of worry are muscle tension, short-term memory loss, premature coronary artery disease and heart attack. This means that apart from drug addiction, you can end up with worse health case. This is why it is important to seek health specialist to intervene your health stage through drug detox program often administered in a specialist health facility.


Fatigue is the overall feeling of exhaustion and general weariness. When one is battling fatigue, some end up taking stimulants to speed up the body and the brain.  Some stimulants are cocaine, methamphetamine, and prescription stimulants like Adderall and Ritalin. They offer temporal relief but one can easily get into addiction.

Prescription painkillers

Some painkillers are for purposes of easing pain; however, when they misused they can lead to drug addiction. Case in point is when someone takes drugs to ease a persistent headache if good care is not taken, one can easily get into being addicted to take painkillers even at the slightest pain.

Treating anxiety to avoid drug addiction

The best way to treat drug addiction cases that come from anxiety is to deal with the brain. This is because it is from the brain where anxiety originates.

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