Hymenoplasty in Saudi Arabia – Navigating Cultural Norms and Medical Solutions

In Saudi Arabia, Islamic teachings have always played a significant role in shaping Saudi Arabian society. Their religion stresses the importance of protecting one’s chastity until marriage. Virginity is deeply rooted in their cultural and religious concept. Consequently, for teenagers or women, premarital sex is strictly prohibited, and the loss of virginity outside of marriage is perceived as a serious moral wrongdoing. This social and traditional belief profoundly impacts the lives of Saudi women. It influences their behaviour, relationships, and even their self-image.

Many women in Saudi Arabia experience a lot of pressure to maintain their hymenal integrity until marriage. It can lead to a situation where she losses her virginity voluntarily or involuntarily. It forces her to go in search of a solution to restore her hymen to avoid potential social and familial consequences.

Is Hymenoplasty Available in Saudi Arabia?

Hymenoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves the reconstruction of the hymen. It is a potential solution for women who wish to restore their virginity, appearance, or function. However, the availability of hymenoplasty in Saudi Arabia is a complex matter.

Promoting or performing hymenoplasty legitimately within Saudi Arabia is impossible. Hymenoplasty is connected with premarital sex, so it has become a controversial and legal issue. The local medical community and religious Islamic authorities do not support hymenoplasty because it is seen as a way to mislead one’s spouse or family about one’s virginity status.

Nevertheless, there may be underground options available for women seeking hymenoplasty within the country, but such procedures are not openly promoted, and their authenticity is a subject of debate. Additionally, the risks associated with unregulated medical practice should be a significant concern if you are considering hymenoplasty in Saudi Arabia.

Finding a Solution in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia who wish to address concerns related to virginity or hymen restoration:

  • Can consult a doctor who can give medical advice and guidance on options available for hymen repair.
  • Can also talk to relatives or friends who have experienced a similar procedure or know someone who has.
  • Can find information about the procedure and reputable clinics or hospitals that offer the procedure by doing their research online.
  • Can opt to travel abroad to undergo the procedure.

What to do to have a hymenoplasty

Many women from Saudi Arabia travel to Dubai for hymenoplasty surgery. Dubai is a nearby and culturally diverse city in the UAE [United Arab Emirates]. It has become a popular go-to-destination for medical tourism, including hymenoplasty.

In Dubai, medical facilities offer hymenoplasty procedures openly, and individuals from Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region often travel there to undergo the surgery. Dr.NazmiBaycin has 20 years of experience and specializes in reconstructive and plastic surgery. The surgery cost is affordable, and you can return to Saudi Arabia within a couple of days.


The importance of virginity in Saudi Arabian society places significant pressure on women to maintain the appearance of hymenal integrity until marriage. Hymenoplasty, while not officially promoted or performed within Saudi Arabia, is a potential solution that some women may consider. They can go to Dubai and resolve their concerns discretely and safely.