The Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

The benefits that alkaline water and natural spring water bring to your health are enormous. Not only does it address chronic illnesses, but it is also a better and healthier solution compared to normal water. Just like water from the mountain spring, which has healthy minerals, the alkaline water is also full of it. It is the ultimate natural ionized water that one can choose.

The Health Benefits of Alkaline Water

A great many physical wellbeing solutions are imbued with alkaline water. Be it the reduction of fat or the treatment of skin, alkaline water has a role to play in all of them

Every day, alkaline and ozonized water is gaining space in the routine of those who want to stay healthy. Ideal for various forms of consumption, this water has numerous benefits if ingested regularly. From eliminating impurities from the body to improving basic body functions, these are many advantages of alkaline and ozonated water.

Undoubtedly, having a healthy life and maintaining high immunity includes adding alkaline and ozonated water to your routine. Before understanding the benefits, it is important to understand what ozonized alkaline water is and what differentiates it from the water we usually drink on a daily basis.

What is ozonated alkaline water?

Alkaline water is a type of water that has an alkaline pH between 8 and 10. This pH level is higher than that of the human organism. Ozonized water, on the other hand, is obtained through a method that purifies the water with ozone instead of chlorine. These are different processes, but they bring numerous benefits if combined.

The Benefits of Alkaline and Ozonated water

Ionized and ozonated alkaline water is the ideal type of water for our daily consumption. Among the properties, we can highlight that it is antioxidant, pure, has high hydration power, redox and negative PRAL. PRAL is the acronym used for the term “potential for a renal acid load”. Meat, dairy and soft drinks usually have positive PRAL, meaning they can be harmful to our health.

Alkaline water has negative PRAL, in addition to being rich in minerals. All food with positive PRAL can generate several problems. Among these, we can mention heartburn, diarrhoea, skin irritation, hair loss, drowsiness and indigestion, among other problems for our body. Professionals around the world are studying the benefits of alkaline water.

However, when we talk about the minerals that make up ozonized alkaline water, the benefits are varied. We are talking about calcium, magnesium and potassium, which are essential for our body, not to mention that it also helps in the regulation of heartbeat and memory.

In addition, it helps in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, combats ageing and improves cognitive ability are benefits that you will notice in your life by consuming alkaline water daily.

The benefits of alkaline water can be significant and notice able after a few days, improving the functioning of basic body functions. Ozonized water, by the way, it is used, is very similar to hydrogen peroxide. This, however, contains more oxygen molecules. Thus, ozonized water has the ability to eliminate impurities from the body without causing damage to mucous membranes, such as hydrogen peroxide.


In conclusion, drinking alkaline and ozonized water helps in our body’s operation of several basic functions. We are talking about metabolism, circulation, breathing, heart rate (as a result of improved circulation) and digestion here. Moreover, we must not forget about the added benefits of increased immunity and the elimination of unhealthy substances in our body.