The important information about the minoxidil foam

This particular foam acts as a exterior vasodilator. It comes mainly white or in off white color. The substance is odourless and has a solid crystalline structure that iseasily soluble in propylene glycol or in other solutions like ethanol. It is also solvable in water to the extent of two mg or mL.Minoxidil foam is almost insoluble in chloroform,acetone, or ethyl acetate. The chemical name for minoxidil is 2 is the chemical name of this vasodilator.

What is the Pharmacodynamics of Minoxidil Foam?

When the product or the foam is used topically, it has shown stimulation of hair growth and re growing of hair from the hair follicles. People suffering from alopecia androgenetic must use this foam as it revitalises the hair follicles and causes hair growth at a faster rate.  According to research the regrowth takes place within four to five months, if the product is used on a daily basis without overdosing it. Topical use of the foam does not show any systematic effects related to the minoxidil being absorbed when it has been tested in a controlled clinical trials. It has been treated in both untreated hypertensive patients as well as normotensive patients.

Adverse Reactions Identified during Post-Marketing Experience with the foam on the consumers

Angioedema (the manifestations of angioedema may include the following:

Lip oedema, Oedema mouth, Pharyngeal oedema, Oropharyngeal swelling, and Tongue oedema

Hypersensitivity (the manifestations of hypersensitivity reactions may include the following: Face oedema, Pruritus generalised, Generalised erythema, Throat tightnessand Very rare Dermatitis contact.

How to use the foaming solution

  • Firstly remove the larger cap from the bottle and then remove the child resistant cap also.
  • Hold the bottle upright and do make sure that the dropper is fully immersed in the foam.
  • Then squeeze the dropper right on the bald area
  • Lastly, message the area with your fingers. Let it dry for a few minutes.