The Making of and Effectiveness of the 5G Male Pill

The 5G Male pill was originally produced by the Supernaturalman Company. Huge claims are made about this product since it was first created and introduced to the public.


5G Male is made of all herbal ingredients. The most important of which include American Ginseng, Vietnamese Garlic, Green Tea and Ginko leaf.

These ingredients have long been trusted as aids to sexual health and performance. Some of these herbs have even been used as standalone solutions at times.

Therefore, you can only imagine how much more effective and powerful they are when combined together in just the right way. These ingredients provide numerous benefits.

Benefits (How it Works)

5G Male provides numerous benefits to a man. For instance, it helps improve blood flow to the penile region. This then increased the size of the corpora cavernosa, which is the main chamber responsible for erections.

When the erectile tissues of this very important chamber enlarge, the penis naturally expands wider and longer. The increased blood flow into the pockets of air located in the penis also help provide a man with a much harder and much longer erection.

The Outcome

Sexual pleasure is enhanced and the penis may grow up to 4 inches longer within three months. Premature ejaculation problems are corrected and sex drive is increased.

Energy is increased and stamina is improved. As a result, relationships are improved because a man feels better about how he is performing intimately and sexually with his wife.

Of course, the success rate of users dramatically increases if they also use a variety of other techniques. For instance, numerous men have benefited from stretching and jelqing routines.


Numerous consumers would rather trust 5G Male than most other natural male enhancement or penis enlargement solutions. An overwhelming majority of consumers who used this product have provided positive feedback about it.

Therefore, it is overall worthy the consideration given to users. If you need more convincing that it works, you probably should read stories of men who used it.

For instance, one person says, “My wife had a smile on her face. I felt better about who I was too.” Another one says, “I was reluctant to try this because I thought it was a gimmick. However, I am glad I did take a chance. “

By the way, the makers of 5G Male are very confident that the product they sell really does work. This confidence alone should convince you.