Why people charge so much for cosmetic surgery?

One of the major concerns about plastic surgery is the cost. So many people think that plastic surgery is amazing but only a few can afford it especially in today’s economy. Even for those who have the money for plastic surgery still want to have their procedure done at a very low cost. Despite the fact that the prices of various procedures have fallen in the recent years plastic surgery is still expensive.

Why Most People Can’t Afford Plastic Surgery

In case you are thinking about plastic surgery then you should be aware that insurance doesn’t cover the costs associated with this. The main reason is because insurance policies only cover the necessary medical procedures. For most patients, the cost of plastic surgery is just too much to pay at once and even though doctors have come with other payment plans people still find it expensive.

Reasons why Plastic Surgery is Expensive

It is pretty shocking how even a minor cosmetic surgery procedure can be costly be it an eyebrow lift or a tummy tuck. The cost of plastic surgery is usually influenced by so many factors but the main one is the type of procedure you want. For example, invasive procedures such as rhinoplasty, and breast augmentation are usually expensive compared to non-invasive procedures such as botox. Another factor is the surgeon you have performing the procedure and this is because different surgeons charge differently.

Factors Make Up the Cost of Plastic Surgery

For you to understand why so much money is needed for plastic surgery then you have to understand what you are paying for. Here are the components of the plastic surgery fee:
• Surgeon fees-a plastic surgeon gets their salary from the work they do so whether they are working for themselves or a company they have to get paid one way or another. The complexity of the surgery means more money and even how long the procedure takes will determine how much money you will leave at the table.
• Operation room fees-this is to cover for the location where you have your surgery carried out. It also takes care of the monitoring and safety equipment in the room.
• Recovering fees-every patient needs some time to recover after a surgery and this money caters for the time they spend recovering within the hospital’s facilities. However, for most procedures a patient can go home immediately
• Anaesthesia-since this is a surgery that involves invasion and pain, a patient will be administered with some anaesthesia and later on they might be given some pain drugs to take care of any pain.
• Procedure-related fees-this is just in case the surgery needs any extra products such as implants. This fee will mostly be included in breast implant procedures.
• Lab fees-there are tests that should be carried out before any surgery and every patient should pay for this. There are different types of tests done but the surgeon will indicate the necessary ones depending on the type of cosmetic surgery you want done.