Why Safe Drinking Water is Most Essential for Survival?

As far as life and in particular human life is concerned, water is a primary and fundamental requirement. Each individual human being needs a minimum of 20 to 50 litres of clean, pure and safe water to drink, cook food and keep himself or herself clean every day. When it comes to contaminated water or simply polluted water, it is not only dirty but seriously deadly. As per an authentic source of information, around 1.8% of people around the world die to diarrheal diseases every year particularly caused by unsafe drinking water. Since water is the career of different types of infections, germs and viruses, billions of people across the world suffer from serious sicknesses worldwide. Use Just Pure drinking water to keep yourself free of many diseases that are caused by unsafe water.

The United Nations particularly the World Health Organization recommends universal access to safe drinking water as the basic human right as well as an essential requirement towards enhancing the living standard of life. Similarly, communities with water scarcity are considered economically poor across the world. Water is the main element for good health and when safe and clean water is not available people suffer from numerous sicknesses. Sick children do not go to school or do not concentrate on their studies and their education suffers. Similarly, sickness affects the economy of a nation and the economic poverty of the people increases there.

Scarcity of water hampers the sanitation and hygiene of the communities and women and children are the main victims of different water-bourn diseases. This eventually ruins the economic status of the families ultimately accelerating their poverty cycle and making them poorer and poorest year by year. Scarcity of water for maintaining necessary cleanliness also leads to dignity issues.

Drinking of unsafe water is not only a health issue but is a life risk. Unsafe drinking water leads to vomiting or diarrhoea, skin rashes, sick stomach, certain types of cancer like leukaemia, various types of reproductive health complications including infertilities, education-related learning problems etc. On the other hand, pure and safe drinking water helps in many ways. Drinking an appropriate amount of safe drinking water enhances the energy level and keeps people fresh and energetic all through the day. Experts also claim that water helps to grow the immune in the body by enabling the cells to produce more white blood cells and thus keeps the body safe from external threats.