How To Prepare For Your Dental Implant Surgery: 11 Things To Remember


Getting a dental implant means inserting and “screwing down” a tooth-like alternative into your jaw. Though it may seem like it’s an invasive procedure, a highly experienced implants dentist can assure you that any issues associated with it can be properly managed given the right set of medication and ample rest.

Many patients still go for this option because of its perks — from durability and aesthetics to functionality and ease of maintenance. Are you scheduled for dental implant surgery? Here are some important things you need to remember:

Proper evaluation is a requisite. Before going all-in for dental implant surgery, it’s a must that you undergo a proper and thorough evaluation. Are you 100% qualified for the procedure? Is there any other option for you?

The planning process may involve several specialists. Concerning the first item, you need to know that before finally undergoing dental implant surgery, you need to be seen by different specialists — including an implants dentist, a maxillofacial surgeon, and a periodontist.

Knowing your dentist’s treatment plan is a must. Once you’ve seen these experts and you’re confirmed to be eligible for the surgery, expect your dentist to explain his or her treatment plan for you. It may involve a one-time surgery or one that’s divided into stages with healing time in between.

Inquire about the risks involved in getting this surgery. No matter what your treatment plan is, it’s a must for you to know the risks involved (e.g. Infection, sinus problems). This will help you better prepare for the surgery.

Ask if you need to fast before the surgery. If you will be put under sedation during the surgery, your implants dentist may require you to fast for around 8-12 hours to minimize nausea after the surgery.

Take all necessary medicines before the surgery. Sometimes, dentists prescribe antibiotics to their patients before they get dental implants. If you’re instructed to do so, make sure to follow what you’ve been told.

Prepare soft foods as part of your post-treatment diet. Diet is an important aspect of one’s post-surgery recovery. Your dentist will most likely recommend you to eat only soft meals and prevent you from drinking too hot or too cold beverages.

Get enough sleep the night before you get dental implants. Your mind and body should be well-rested before the big day. So make sure you have a good night’s sleep before you get your dental implants.

Wear comfortable clothing on your surgery day. While many patients tend to ignore this aspect, this is a significant help during the surgery proper. This will make things more efficient while you’re being operated on.

Know what to expect during and after the surgery is done. Will you experience pain? How long is the recovery process? Are there any medications you need to take after the surgery? Ask these questions before you undergo surgery.

Tap someone to be your driver for the day. Ask a family member or a close friend to drive you to and from your procedure. This will help you relax and become more efficient that day (e.g. You can ask them to help you buy your post-treatment medicines).

If you’re considering to get dental implants, contact Northern Virginia Oral, Maxillofacial & Implant Surgery today and speak with the best implants dentist trusted by families. Know what you need to know so you can make an informed decision.